Weekend @ The Boutique, Tagaytay

It was only a few weeks ago that my wife and I decided to look for a place to escape to for a weekend, and we were surprised to find a lot of the places have been fully booked, and it wasn’t even officially summer yet (although with El Nino making sure his presence is felt, it does feel like summer started a while ago). With many of the resorts filled already, we had to settle for somewhere “not so out of town”, and I say that because this a place you could go to for breakfast, and be back in the city before lunch. Tagaytay.

We made a call to The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, a place that has intrigued us from the day it was opened. Intrigued by the items written about it in the news and in the web, and intrigued by what we can get for the rates that they charge (they’re pricey, and I doubt anyone would argue). Anyway, we’ve always told ourselves to try the place one day, every time we pass it on our way to other destinations.  And so we thought, “Why not try it on that day?”, just to be done with the curiosity.

I bet by now, most people already know how their rooms are named. We booked ourselves to the room called “i surrender”, which is one their larger ones, and comes with a private patio, and access to the terrace outside.

The room comes with a queen sized bed, along with an overabundance of pillows on top. We actually had to request room service to take out some of the pillows, since we simply can’t use all of them. You’ll also see the bathroom on the right side (yes that’s the bathroom), covered only by one big glass window, which for me is unique to this hotel (and tells you who their target market is =D  ).


The room also comes with 32-inch wall mounted LCD TV, as well as a DVD player (we were also able to borrow DVDs from the hotel, they had quite a good selection).

Of course, no stay in an upmarket hotel is complete without the complimentary amenities. They made us choose the fragrance for the room, the types of pillows, and even the soap (no they didn’t make us choose between Safeguard and Palmolive). The hotel has its own line of toiletries called “Pamper Me”, and among their selection of soaps were tea tree, peppermint, lavender and others. There were also the complimentary drinks (iced tea), and fruits.






We had a complimentary cold stone facial massage in the evening. It only lasted for little more than 10 minutes, but it was refreshing nonetheless. I enjoyed the sudden shock of having ice cold stones placed in my face, though my wife couldn’t say the same. At around 9:30 PM, they delivered the complimentary bedtime snack of hot chocolate, with oatmeal cookies.



The following morning came the complimentary breakfast, but instead of having it in the bed, we just set it up on the table.

We had breads, bulalo na corned beef, 2-way adobo, and tocino, plus mango & yogurt, and banana with cream cheese, for dessert. The unique corned beef and the 2-way adobo were excellent. The tocino was not extraordinary, but it was also good (Pampanga good).

And of course, no stay in Tagaytay is complete, without a view of the lake. The hotel sits right on the ridge, so we got an nice view of the it, through the terrace.

I haven’t slept in any other Bed & Breakfast in the past, so I don’t know how the Boutique rates compared to the others. One thing for sure though is that for ordinary wage earners like myself, this is not a place to go back to time and again. Places like these are very much a luxury, especially for us mere mortals who can find ways to enjoy for much less cash. But in spite of the much lighter wallet (or rather, larger credit card bill) that we have now, we still enjoyed the weekend. This is one of those places we just had to visit once, just so we could finally say to ourselves “been there, done that”. And when you get to those places, it’s a mortal sin not to suck all of the luxury you could get. “Sulitin mo, kung baga.”  =D

* we stayed at The Boutique on March 2010. All photos taken with Olympus E420 and Zuiko 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 or Zuiko 50mm F2


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