Our newfound favorite, Bag of Beans (a weekend at Tagaytay)

* Update from 6/29/2011 – We visited the place again last weekend, and here are a new set of pictures. It was cold and rainy, courtesy of tropical storm Falcon, and a hot cup of coffee felt just about right for that afternoon. Since we were in Tagaytay anyway, we decided to pay our favorite place another visit. The place was also surprisingly full, despite the unfriendly weather.

The homey facade stayed the same, but the place as a whole gained more seating capacity.

As the name implies, Bag of Beans is about getting a good brew, first and foremost. Get the "barako" brew for that extra kick!
Blueberry, our favorite pancakes 🙂

* Original Post (below)

This place has been around for quite sometime, and in the past we have stopped by it a few times, to buy some bread and ground coffee. Early this year though, we had our first overnight stay in Tagaytay, and we decided to stop by for an afternoon snack. We had their pancakes, and we got hooked! =D

This time around we came back for dinner to try out their main courses. But of course, we could not leave the place without having another order of blueberry pancakes (yes, we had pancake for dinner!). We also had roast beef and pork chops.

The pork chop was really good. I’m no expert in food matters, but it doesn’t take one to know a real good tasting slab of meat, and this one is.

The roast beef was good, but not too special. I liked the pork chop better, though this wasn’t bad at all either.

And then of course we just had to have the blueberry pancakes.

This is one place that will definitely be seeing us many more times.



  1. you take good pictures already. they should pay you for this na. ha ha . Hope to taste them too. someday. 🙂

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