To Market, to Market (one morning at the Salcedo Weekend Market, Makati)

The Salcedo weekend market…

I’ve been to this market on only a few Saturdays (and same goes for the Legazpi weekend market on Sundays), but each of those visits have been enjoyable.

I don’t buy much whenever I visit. In the past it was mostly just “puto” for my wife, and a couple of tall cans of German beer for me, plus a few small items here and there. However, there’s something about it that makes me want to just be there. It is nice place to spend a morning in. The amazing, international variety of goods, and the fact that the market is under the shade of large trees in the  park, gives a different kind of ambiance, 0ne that makes me think I’m in another country.

One can find tranditional Filipino food,

as well as food from around the world,

and even food fresh from the sea and the farm.

It’s not all about food though, as you can find other stuff, from native handicrafts to decorative plants,

and these are just a few of the things one can find there.


* All these photos were taken on March, 2010 using an Olympus E-420 and Zuiko 50mm f2.


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