Pigged Out (one evening at Solenad Nuvali, Laguna)

We went back to Solenad Nuvali, to try out another restaurant. This time we went to what is perhaps the most colorful and brightest of the bunch, Pig Out!. Their waiters are even dressed as superheroes!

After we were guided to our table by Cyclops, we immediately went through the menu, and someone, who I guess was from Dragonball Z, took our orders.

They have an interesting drink menu. There’s a list of what I would call “non-alcoholic cocktails”, which are basically mixes of anything drinkable (eg. soda, juice, etc.). They had fancy names which I don’t remember, but I had one that had Sprite (or was it 7-up?), pineapple and orange juice, plus a touch of grenadine. My wife had the one with Sprite and lemonade.

I found the drinks refreshing and unique, although they’re not for everyone. My wife wasn’t enthusiastic about hers, but when I took a sip, I liked it. They also served them real cold, which earned them plus points on a hot summer evening.

And then the food..

The menu, inspite of the name and ambiance of the place (and aside from the steaks), is very Filipino. They may give westernized names like Beef Shank Soup and Fried Banana Spring Rolls, but it doesn’t take much to guess what those really are.

We had the dory with mango salad (one of their lenten specials), pork belly inihaw, calamares and the “Pork Rib Sour Soup” (which is basically s——g na b—y)  🙂

The dory with mango salad was both good and unique, though it fits more as an appetizer than a main course. The soup was also good, such that we had to request for more after we dried up the bowl (and they gladly obliged). The surprise for the evening though was the simple and unpretentious pork belly inihaw. It looked like any other inihaw, but you feel the difference upon biting, the meat was so tender. The calamares though was a bit “run off the mill” and though it was in no way bad, it had nothing special about it either.

Overall, this was a good place to dine in, and our Nuvali experience this time was definitely better than the first (read my older posts to find out what I mean).

* we dined here on March 2010. All photos taken with Olympus E-420 and Zuiko 14-42mm f3.5-5.6



















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