An afternoon of tummy treasures at Greenbelt 5, Makati

Update from November, 2011.

We recently visited Myron’s again, and the food, as usual, was good. We discovered one more thing that’s even more delightful though – a big slab of beef swimming in its own juices called The President steak. We had it cooked medium well, and it came to us with a slightly charred exterior, but with a still juicy and tender interior, minus the “redness” of medium rare (not that I don’t like medium rare, but since the steak was for sharing, medium well was the safest option for us that time).

The first bite was all it took for me to say the steak was one of the best I’ve tried so far (not that I’ve tried many though). It was the pure, unadulterated taste of good beef, seasoned with salt and not much else, cooked exactly as we liked it, and tender like it disintegrates in your mouth. If I would rate dishes one to five, then it would definitely be no less than a six.

Seared Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad with Miso Dressing
"The President"
Grilled Herbed Tuna Steak with Aglio Olio Fettuccine
Pasta Primavera

* Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix LX 5

The Original Post.

This weekend was not quite like any other, for a reason, and so it had to be spent in quite a special way.

For lunch we chose a place along Greenbelt 5’s more exclusive dining strip, and then we had dessert at one of the newest (and perhaps most crowded) joints in the area.

Lunch was at Myron’s Place, at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. People familiar with GB5 will know that this strip at the ground floor is quite “elitist”, so I was prepared to receive a hefty blow on my wallet. Surprisingly however, it didn’t hurt quite that much.

For starters we had Calamari Fritti, and for the main course we ordered Baby Back Ribs in mesquite barbecue sauce,  Duet of shrimps and angus beef medallions wrapped in bacon, and  Mojito Chicken with chorizo rice and grilled banana.

All four dishes, including the starter, had us very satisfied. I’m no expert foodie, but I can tell good food, all four had me nodding in agreement. Not all things are equal though, so there has to be a number one and a number two, and number one for me was the Baby Back Ribs. It’s not often that I get to have ribs where the meat and bone separate without much of an effort, and this one did. The sauce was also not overpowering, so it complemented the tender meat very nicely.

Number two on my list was the the angus beef medallions. I ordered it medium well, and medium well it was. No longer bloody but still not dry inside, just the way I wanted it. It came with a siding of potatoes and a couple of shrimps, and both blended with the meat nicely.

Though not rated here, the Calamari and Mojito Chicken were not that far behind. The calamari was perfectly fried (crisp, not saggy or overcooked) and it came with a nice tasting sauce. The Mojito Chicken was also very tender and we very much liked the chorizo rice that came with it.

The servings were also a bit generous, and the three dishes had all four people in our party filled. All that good food, plus two cups of coffee and a pot of tea rang to a total of Php 2,100, which was not bad at all, considering where we were.

For dessert we headed upstairs, to Gelatissimo, one of the newest Gelato places in town, and boy was there a crowd. From afar we could also see a long line inside. One of the attractions of the place is that they allow their customers to sample their different flavors, before choosing. Now, who wouldn’t want to line up for that? =)

They have several fancy flavors like Chili Chocolate, Chocolate Truffle, Tiramisu, etc. alongside the regulars like Mango, Pistachio and others. After tasting quite a few, our party ended up with Choco Hazelnut, Pistachio and Melon, and all three flavors left us smiling (no, there was nothing contraband in there). It was a perfect cap to an afternoon of good food.

* This time around, I used my wife’s P&S, and left the big black one at home. Amazing what you can do with these little cameras, if you bother to study their features.

* We ate her on April 2010


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