Great food, Mamu! (a cozy dinner in Davao City)

Going down south this time, to my hometown.

Tucked inside the Bacaca / Rolling Hills area in Davao City is a little hotel, with a quaint little restaurant. My wife found this place while surfing around the net, and the two of us were quite surprised that we haven’t heard of it before. News doesn’t take long to spread in Davao, inspite of its geographical enormity. When a new place opens up that’s worth visiting, it normally doesn’t take long before we hear about it from friends and family. Well…not this time. The hotel’s name is Anisabel, and the restaurant, Mamu’s.

The other blogs we found on the net only had good things to say about the place, so we made it a point to find out for ourselves on our next trip home.

We made a dinner reservation for the whole family through the phone, and asked the person on the other end for their recommendations. She suggested the pork binagoongan, grilled malasugue, gambas and lengua, so we ordered all that, plus native chicken tinola, sotanghon soup,  and the smoked tuna sashimi.

We had absolutely no complaints about the food that evening, and we found the place itself cozy and very well kept. The staff was also very attentive, which encouraged us to be more generous than usual in tipping. And the price? Php 2,200 for all of that plus drinks! Let’s see if you can find any place in Manila that could beat that. They serve primarily Pinoy food, which is all too common one might say, yet it’s light years away from what you would get for the same price at places like Gerry’s Grill and the like.

The verdict? Thumbs-up for sure!

* all photos taken with Olympus E-420 and 50mm f2. We dined here on April 2010.



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