A hole in the wall…the Thai Food Station

The last place you’d expect to find something interesting would be the Moonwalk-Merville access road, deep in the residential back streets on the border of Paranaque and Pasay cities in Metro Manila. I was surprised to find a small restaurant that recently opened in that area, and curious me found a new target to try out.

The place is called, rather uncreatively, the Thai Food Station. It’s small, and little more than a “hole in the wall”, but it is new, clean, and reasonably cozy. We pass by the place everyday on the way home, and I always find a car or two in front of it. Even though I seldom see the place full, I guess it’s safe to probably say that it has a steady stream of patrons.

We finally decided to try the place out, for lunch, one weekend a few months ago. Their menu is typical Siamese, and we ordered three of the most familiar dishes.

Tom Yum Goong
Green Curry Pork
Pad Thai

First thing I would say is that the servings are generous. The ratio of price vs. quantity might lead you to believe for a while that you are no longer in Metro Manila.

The Tom Yum Goong was my favorite of the three, hot enough to induce perspiration combined with a tinge of sourness to rouse the tongue. The green curry was also delightful. We specifically had it cooked “not spicy”, but I don’t think the lack of spice made it less tasty. The pad thai was just about par for the course. Not the best one I’ve had, but not bad either.

Overall I think the food was good. Though I don’t believe it’s a must for one to travel far and wide just to have a taste of their cooking, I think the restaurant does present a good alternative if you happen to be in the neighborhood and crave for something Thai, but want to be spared from the traffic downtown, or keep a tight budget.



* We had lunch here last November 2010. All photos taken with my Olympus E-420 and Zuiko 50mm f2.


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