Casa Santa in Antipolo – Everyday is Christmas in this Place

I thought Santa lived in the North Pole, but apparently, he has a rest house somewhere in the woods in the province of Rizal. We went there a couple of weeks ago to greet him a belated Merry Christmas, but he wasn’t around. Maybe he’s still stuck up north, his reindeer flight unable to get clearance to take off due to the massive snowstorms. He had a lot of images of himself at his house though…he must be pleased with himself that much, and who wouldn’t be, if you could make that many kids happy every year.

Santa’s Casa

The entrance to Santa's hideout
...and it's one cozy house

This place in Antipolo is called Casa Santa, hidden within the grounds of the popular wedding venue named Jardin de Miramar. The proprietress of the place has a devotion of sorts to the happy, old man, and had been collecting Santa Clause memorabilia from her travels around the world. As of the last count, she had reportedly been to 56 countries (she’s Anglaagan’s new idol!), no wonder her collection had grown this much. I just don’t know if she had been to the North Pole though, I forgot to ask.

Her collection fills every corner of the “casa” (Spanish for “house”). You see Santas of every form, from one wearing a “barong” (for the uninitiated, it’s a Filipino formal wear), to  one in a wizard’s costume. There are those fully dressed, and one in sleep wear.

The place is not that big though, just a modest 2 storey house, but it’s complete, with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, plus a complete set of plates, cutlery and beddings, all with his fat, smiling face in it.

You can go around the whole place in a few minutes (though you have to leave a little allowance since you’ll definitely want to look at the details of the collection), so I don’t suggest purposely going up to Antipolo only to see it. However, if you happen to find yourself going up the hills for one reason or another, it’s definitely worth your time to pass by the casa and marvel at the amazing collection, and who knows what Santa has in store for the kid in you.

* Casa Santa is only open every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month though.

Would you like her to give your gift instead?
Wake up Santa!


Santa's dining room
Santa in barong
Didn't know Santa plays the piano 🙂

Santa's Four-post Bed


The following are photos of Jardin de Miramar, where Casa Santa sits on.

* We visited Santa’s shack on January, 2011. All photos taken with Olympus E-420 and Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5


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