Sinagtala…The Star Of Bataan

Want to get as far away from civilization as you can get, while still remaining civilized?

The forests of Bataan might have something for you.

Deep in the forested slopes of the mountains of Orani, Bataan, around two and a half hours drive from Metro Manila, is a hidden piece of wonderland for weary city-dwellers.

The place is called Sinagtala, nestled in Barangay Tala, and it might be the closest you could get to nature within three hours of the metropolis, short of finding your own wooded spot and pitching your own tent. The place is all about enjoying piece and quiet. There are no TVs or internet here, just clean, airy rooms and an infinity pool that seems to spill into the forest for that little bit of fun. Plus, unlike the city a couple of hours away, the air here is clear enough to actually see stars at night (“tala” is tagalog for star).

Frankly though, were it located elsewhere it would have been just a resort like any other. But (and that’s a big but), the biggest draw of the place is not what’s in it, but rather what’s around it. The cool, fresh mountain air beats the airconditioning in any 5-star hotel. The fact there is no TV or internet connection also means that you get quality time with mother nature. Cap that with a very scenic pool, and you have one of the most ideal mountain getaways.

Photos taken March 2012, with Olympus E420.



  1. sinagtala resort is a good to place to relax. i (with my officemates) enjoyed the place. love to come back to that place.

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