Clark, Before Time


This is probably the closest thing you could get to a zoo of dinosaurs. Within Clark, the former American military base a couple of hours north of Manila, is a humble theme park dedicated to pre-historic life. The Dinosaurs Island (it’s not a real island by the way) features almost true-to-life, dinosaur replicas that move and make sounds. They look so real, they can actually get scary, even for grown ups.

It’s a one of a kind attraction (in this part of the world at least), and despite it’s spartan infrastructure (don’t expect anything close to a Universal here), one can’t help but stand in awe by the effort they put into assembling and maintaining these replicas. Whatever it lacks in whizz bangs, like the large theme parks in foreign lands, it makes up for with genuine educational experience – and even the guides know their dinosaurs like they’re their own pets.

The place is small enough to go through in an hour – which would be a bummer because it would take longer to get there if you’re coming from Manila. But if you happen to be in Clark for one reason or another, this is definitely a worthwhile stop.

* All photos taken using an Olympus EPM-2 with art filters, and M.Zuiko 14-42mm IIR.


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