Urban Cebu


These photos were from our trip to the Queen City of the South last November 2013. Time flies fast and a lot has changed since our visit way back in 2010. The city is urbanizing in an unrelenting pace, thanks in large part to an energetic BPO and IT industry that has gone beyond the borders of Metro Manila, and Cebu with its decades of growth was the natural beneficiary.

Visiting Cebu nowadays feels a bit like visiting the capital city of another country. Not that we’re encouraging Cebuanos to secede from the Philippines, but its just to show how far the city has gone forward. There’s barely anything in Manila that you cannot find there now. It’s got an airport with a good number of international connections, a large bustling port, a steadily growing number of office buildings, new roads, great shopping…and great traffic too – the eternal plague of any rapidly growing city the world over.

The Ayala Business Park

The Cebu IT Park

Our trip last November was more of a family affair – a reunion of sorts with our relatives south of the city, but we still did get go around quite a bit, and these are a few of the highlights.


Cebu and Lechon (roast pig) are like Paris and the Eiffel Tower…inseparable. Perhaps the most convenient way to have a plateful of Cebu’s trademark lechon is through Zubuchon’s outlets scattered around the city. This by no means says that it’s the only game in town, but if you are looking for a place where you can get good lechon without looking out of place in business clothing, then Zubuchon is it. Their outlets are bright, clean and spacious – very inviting in other words, and their lechon is really one of the best you’ll probably taste – flavourful and tender at the same time.

La Marea

This one has good reviews in the net and it didn’t disappoint. We were looking for a place to spend a lazy afternoon, and went for coffee and desserts in their Cebu IT Park branch. The Cebu IT Park itself was lively and filled with activity, even if it was a Sunday afternoon…Cebu has become a city that never sleeps too, I guess.

The net seemed abuzz with their Warm Brownie Cup, and the netizens were right. The bitter-sweet brownie paired very well with the sweet ice cream, and was perfect with coffee. They have other “cups” as well, like blueberry cheesecake which were definitely worth a try as well.

* All photos taken last November 2013 using an Olympus EPM-2 and M. Zuiko 14-42mm IIR, with Art Filters.



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