Cool Manila


If you’ve ever wondered what spring would feel like, if we ever had one here in Manila, then January 2014, I would say, gave a good taste of it. With temperatures dipping below the 20’s (in Celcius), this is the coldest January in my memory, and for the first time you could walk around in a jacket without looking like a nut job.

2014 had a bit of a peculiar start, weather-wise. People in the northern hemisphere realized that “polar vortex” is not a phrase out of a sci-fi movie, as they literally froze on incredibly low temparatures. Closer to home, to the south of the country, a tropical depression (a sort of low intensity typhoon) appeared in the middle of January, normally a typhoon free month. And it took an eratic and seemingly confused track – like a gatecrasher who went to the wrong party, as if it got shocked as well that it got spawned in the middle of the wrong month and became unsure of what to do with itself. Eventually it realized that it’s timing was completely wrong, and melted back to the ocean, but not without dumping a lot of rain.

But for all the misery with unusual weather changes, Manila got blessed with a cool, dry weather – like East Asia during spring. Pleasant, no rain, blue skies – just plain lovely. For once you can walk around the streets of Makati without breaking a sweat, and pretend it’s a cool spring evening. And for everyone who is currently here in the city under these lovely skies…enjoy it while it lasts. You rarely find the words “cool” and “manila” side by side each other after all.






All photos taken January 2014, using Panasonic Lumix LX5.



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