Merry Christmas, From London



It was in the evening of November 2, while having dinner after having come from Singapore the night before, when I received the call. A project manager needed to be in London right away, and I was the one to be given the mission. It felt like James Bond receiving a call from MI6, only I didn’t have the benefit of a Q who would give me nifty gadgets for free. “Agent 00K, you are going to London. And by the way you will need this Aston Martin with a rocket at the back, and this Rolex watch that shoots a laser”, that would have been delightful, but we live in a real world. 

And so here I am, again, in Her Majesty’s capital city. So I would now see London twice, but all in the same season – winter. How uncool. And worst of all, it stole my Christmas. I wouldn’t have minded, if only they gave me that Aston Martin, or maybe even just the Rolex. But like a good soldier, which “Commander Bond, James Bond” is, I go where I am ordered to, to do things people would not voluntarily want to do. And like any good soldier on duty, we make the best of where we are.

And so without further ado, I’d like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, I hope you find a way to put “Merry”, in “Christmas”.

Buckingham Palace – Her Majesty’s official residence, what else. I previously took a picture of it in a morning in February 2012, and I wanted to go back to take evening shots.   


Oxford Circus – London’s premiere shopping street, dressed up for the holidays. I hadn’t seen this place in my previous visit.   


Chinatown – having ruled an “empire where the sun never set”, there’s bit of every part of the world in London.




Leicester Square – Christmas is a very big thing in England. In fact next to the Philippines, they come second in terms of taking Christmas seriously, as far as countries that I have been to are concerned. Christmas villages, like this one in Leicester Square, pop up all over the city.   





Tower Bridge and the Thames – I had been here before, but the beauty of the river Thames, the buildings along its banks, and the elegance of the Tower Bridge which crosses it, always draws me back.   








Knightsbridge – Another of London’s shopping streets, but more upscale compared to Oxford Circus. The famous Harrods is just somewhere down the road.   

 *Photos taken December 2015 


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