Ending 2015 in Scotland

  If you had told me more than 2 months ago that I would end 2015 in Scotland, I would have asked if you’re insane. Scotland, of all places. It’s too far from anyone in the family, too expensive to get to, and closer to the Arctic than I’ve ever been to. Why in God’s world will I end the year there? Why?

Yet here I am, typing these very words inside a train in Scotland, in the closing hours of the year. When life throws a joke at you, you just laugh, because you don’t have any other choice really. It won’t ask you if you find its bizarre twists and turns funny, or amusing. It will just go on twisting and turning as it always does. Life happens, as they say, and you just take it all and make the most of it. Roll with it.

And so I join all of you in your revelry, while seating in Coach E of the Edinburgh-London cross country train. Not the most exciting of places to be in the closing hours of the year, but this is what it is. At least the train has wifi, or it could have been much worse.

And so as I greet all of you a happy new year, I leave you with some evening shots of Edinbrugh,the lovely capital of Scotland.

Happy New Year everyone, and may the next year be better than ever for all of us!

 *These photos were taken from Calton Hill and Princes Street in Edinburgh, in the closing days of December 2015,



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