Stoned…in Wiltshire


Rising out of the wide Salisbury plains is a curious set of large stones, probably the oldest monument of human civil engineering. The Stonehenge, as it is known today, is probably the oldest example of man trying to build some form of a robust, vertical structure. A Stone Age skyscraper. Composed of two main rings, a circular outer one and a horseshoe shaped inner one, at first it may look like just a bunch of flat stones stood upright, with some placed on top. However upon a closer look, one would see that the Neolithic (Late Stone Age) builders of Stonehenge knew a thing or two about architecture and mathematics. The curvature of the stones forming the rings suggest they were shaped not by coincedence, but rather by design. Some vertical stones that have lost their lintels (the horizontal stones at the top), show that the stones have joints resembling the ball and socket, to hold them together. Clearly the Stone Age engineers of Stonehenge knew what they we doing, and did it well.

The purpose of why the Stonehenge was built has been debated for centuries, and that debate will not end soon. There are burial mounds all over the vicinity, so maybe it’s a resting place and monument for important people. The stones accurately align with the positions of the sunrise in each season, so maybe it’s a calendar, or a prehistoric sundial. Maybe it’s place for seasonal ceremonies. Maybe it’s a tribe’s showcase and bragging right to say that they are the most advanced in pre-historic Britannia. Maybe it’s all of the above, or none of the above. Whatever it is, it shows man’s intrinsic ability to use technology and do grand things.

But please, none of that “alien” cr@p. Let’s give credit to the human race’s capacity for greatness, even back in the Stone Age. If some modern humans still think like Stone Age men, then who’s to say that some Stone Age men can’t think like modern humans?


*Photos taken January 2016.


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