Far and Away…the Coasts of Northern Ireland

The ruins of Dunluce Castle, in Northern Ireland

I used to like listening to the songs of Enya during my younger years. Her songs were otherworldly and her voice ethereal. Her music tickled the imagination with scenes of beautiful landscapes, of places more fit for angels than men. For years I drew pictures in mind whenever I listened to her, and I did that quite a lot back then, wondering if such lands exist. But now I wonder no more. Enya was Irish, I found the place that her music painted in my mind…it’s Ireland.

Taking a quick break from the hustle of London, I and a few others flew to Northern Ireland, and we might as well have just flown to another planet. The Irish countryside is a completely different world from the big city. The scenery was astounding, and the isolation even more so. As we toured through the farmlands of the county of Antrim, I never felt that isolated in a long time. The only time I felt that much alone was driving through the deserts of Nevada, but In Ireland the scenery was completely different. It was lush green farms and rolling hills as far as the eyes could see, or until the mist meets the horizon.

Going through the countryside of Northern Ireland, we went all the way to the north coast, and the picture where the land meets the sea is even more breathtaking. White cliffs dropping into the surf below, coastal hills that slope toward the shore, windswept grasslands, craggy rocks and beautiful islands off coast…it’s like the brushstrokes ofmother nature. No wonder Enya makes such ethereal music. How could you not, if you come from a place that looks like it’s half way to heaven.

It’s quite rare for me to post an article about a place a mere day after I saw it, but this I will make an exception. The countryside of Ireland is that much pretty. Far and away, it is a very beautiful place.


One of the highlights in the north coast is the Giants Causeway, a curious formation of volcanic rocks that look like a set of hexagonal poles driven into the sea. It is a unique attraction not to be missed, for nowhere else in Earth, as far as I know, did Mother Nature shape rocks this way.


*Photos taken February 2016.


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