What are you doing in Wales, in this weather?


A colleague and I arrived in Wales, soaking wet. It was one of those days that would have been the perfect time to go out and explore, but the weather didn’t agree. We got off the train at Llandudno station to a driving rain, the kind you normally associate with the tropical monsoon. And then there was the gale force wind with the temperature of an ice bucket. We might as well have taken an ice bucket challenge, it would have felt the same.

With heads bowed from the wind and hands deep in our coats pockets to look for whatever warmth there is left, we walked the few hundred meters from the train station to our guesthouse. And as we arrived at the front door, we rang the bell and were met by a smiling old lady who promptly greeted us with the words “Oh my, what are you doing in Wales in this kind of weather?”. Yeah, what in the world were we doing indeed.

Llandudno is a  seaside town in the northern end of Wales, one of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Bordered by the sea in the north, the mountains of Wales on the south and a rocky coastal hill called “The Great Orme”in the west, Llandudno lies on beautiful, god-given spot. The north shore of the town is a long gracefully arching coastline with whitish sand called the North Parade, and it would have been a postcard worthy scene on any other day, except the one when we were there. The view from the Great Orme would also have been perfect, I would imagine, on less rainy and misty days.

Still, despite the weather, Llandudno was worth the three hour train ride from London. It is a charming, laid back town where life seems to be very different from the perpetual rush that is London.

Llandudno, and the Great Orme
The North Parade

We stayed for a night at the Glenavon Guest House in Llandudno, and I would have to say it was one of my most pleasant overnight stays. The guest house is owned and managed by an old couple who kept the whole place very cozy and clean. And then there was the breakfast – a plateful of wonderful Full English Breakfast prepared with tender loving care in their kitchen. No rain is hard enough, and no weather is bad enough, for that breakfast.


* Photos taken February 2016.


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