The Windmills of Rizal

Renewable energy. No I haven’t become an environmentalist, but it’s nice to see clean sources of energy gaining ground in the country. The windmills of Bangui, Ilocos Norte have been around for quite some time. I saw them back in 2005, if I remember right. I was afraid windpower was going to be a one off thing, but I’m glad to see that a decade later, it was not to be.

Rising from the lower peaks of the Sierra Madre are the windmills of Pilillia, Rizal. Standing like white flowers on a backdrop of mountains and sky, the windmills have become an attraction in themselves, much like the ones in Bangui were, only these ones are closer to the big city.

On a good day, a visit to the windmills present a taste of fresh air and blue skies free from smog. And as a bonus, you can view the vast expanse of Laguna de Bay, and the silhouette of the city you temporarily left behind, at a distance. At just two hours away from Manila, it’s a perfect roadtrip destination, and a cure to urban boredom.

*Photos taken May 2016



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